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Imagine a platform where you can easily book your favorite artists as a venue owner. Or as a musician find the next gig in a city you have never been before. Gigtor changes the way artists and venues plan their concerts together. The platform provides an easy way to find locations for artists and vice versa. You can plan your tour or manage your events from scratch. Gigtor makes it comfortable to find exactly what you are looking for, so you don't have to spend time on planning instead of doing what you love. Gigtor is for everybody. A small local singer/songwriter or a DJ. A band already on a tour or one that never made a concert. A passionate house concert organizer or an established music venue. Find artists and locations of any kind who are interested in live performances,  worldwide or in the city next to you.

The mission of Gigtor is to provide an easy and fair solution to the music industry regarding gig-finding and communication. Working closely together with artists and venues all over the world, we want to tackle and improve this issue.


Gigtor is a startup that aims to connect artists and venues in a more smarter, easy way


Laravel, VUE, PWA

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