From Kickstarter to Steam

Data Analysis, Data Visualization

From kickstarter to steam image represeting our work
— The project

We took 400k kickstarter projects from and starterd playing with them

We wanted to experiment with data visualization and analysis for a long time now. The concept behind this was born from our personal interests, videogames and crowdfunding.

As we are passioned about crowdfunding and video games, so one day while wondering around the Kickstarter games section we asked ourselves: how many video games actually reach Steam? and how they behave once they get there? Does a better-funded project really become a better-rated project? With these question in mind, we got to work.

We found an awesome repository of almost 400K Kickstarter projects data from by courtesy of Mickaël Mouillé. Of those projects, we have interested only in the video games that were able to get the money they asked for and reach Steam. Using Steam API, being able to take rating and price, we were then able to do find all the answers we were looking for. Having in mind the expandability of our project, we divided the analysis into three sections: An in-depth look on how much time passes between a game funded and its release. An analysis of the correlation between an overfunded game and an over-rated one and a small visualization of the time of the year the successful and the failed projects starts.


Gather, analyze and visualize data to tell how and when projects became video game


MongoDB, Laravel, Google Chart, D3.JS, SCSS, GSAP

Drop us a line or two, we are open for creative minds and collaborations!